So, my neighbor and friend Cindy is blogless no more! Actually, she’s been writing for a while, but the link she sent inexplicably ended up in my junk mail box. Junk from Cindy?  Never! She and a faraway friend are doing a correspondence knitting blog a la Mason-Dixon knitting. You may recall her as the helpful neighbor with the cherry pitter, and font of knitting wisdom.

Speaking of Cindy, she recently turned me on to something that’s the online equivalent of ‘better than sliced bread.’  Bloglines offers a free service that lets you list the blogs you read (livejournals, too!) and keeps track of when people post new entries! So instead of clicking on my favorite blogs every day, hoping they’d have something up, I now just visit my bloglines list and know for sure! Of course, you imagine that this will save you lots of time, but it really allows you to sign up to read more blogs! You can certainly argue for a gain in efficiency, though. Bloglines is my new best friend.

In other news, after countless phone calls to the hospital and different branches of the HMO, we finally got lil C’s meds. Whew. It really shouldn’t have been that hard. But somewhere along the line, they got the idea that we wanted a similar-sounding medication that was a narcotic, and that slowed us down a bit.
In celebration of our victory, I uploaded a bunch of pics today.

Swatch for my mom’s Xmas present. It’s the felted Jacobean Tapestry bag from IK Holiday Knits last year, Nicky Epstein design, worked in Knitpicks’ Wool of the Andes. The middle pink looked too bright, so I replaced it with a more mellow color. I still can’t decide if she’d like the blue or an off-white background better….

My Bamboo Shrug. This one has been stuffed into my second-tier knitting bag until after the holidays. You can see that I like this color blue!


Li’l A picked out this soft alpaca-blend yarn for a sweater this spring. Even though it isn’t a holiday project, I’m working on this right now anyway, because he’s been waiting for it so long. Li’l buddy is only four. I’m using Ann Budd’s Handy Book of Patterns and have completed the front and back up to the armholes. He decided on stripes.
Finally, just for the happy summer cuteness:Img_0124

Li’l C got a bee in her bonnet to wash and dry her doll clothes, so the Huz made her a backyard clothesline. She diligently scrubbed her whole baby wardrobe and hung it out to dry.


August 19, 2007 by Knitcircus

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