Well, with Xmas projects piling up, I had to give in. I admitted that, not only am I not the fastest knitter in the world, I’m probably slower than most knitting second-graders. My productivity, such as it is, has sprung more from sheer determination, plus watching videos with the Huz and sitting on a bench at the park with the kids, than anything else.
My early knitting training consisted of a scarf class in my LYS, which excited my fiber-loving soul, even though all I learned was the knit stitch. When it was time to cast off, I looked it up online and squinted my way through the technique. So, with purling and everything else, I’ve been making it up as I go along.
But I still use the dreaded drop-and-pick-up-yarn-with-each-stitch approach, which I know just don’t cut it. Luckily, I have friends who knit like the wind, and I arranged a trade last week with one of them, Ms. S, who I watched knit once at a class we both attended. I think my jaw really did hang open as she stitched her way through a minisweater in the time it took me to eat a bagel (I hope no bagel hit the floor).
So I did a craniosacral treatment with her, and she watched me knit.
"Wow, you’re doing quite a dance with your fingers there," she observed kindly. And then she showed me how to use the needle to scoop the yarn out of thin air from behind her finger. Flashbulbs popped in my brain. I goggled. And then, slowly,l I started to get it.
Now, naturally, I still knit really slowly, but with a new technique (as opposed to no technique at all). Soon, if I practice, I hope to knit, if not like the wind, than at least like a small breeze.

Sorry, no pix. I have to put on my stomping boots and try to finagle my daughter’s prescription out of our insurance co. this morning. But soon, oh, yes, soon.


August 17, 2007 by Knitcircus

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