72107_003_500x475 I got a ball of cotton at the yarn swap this spring.  Someone put it in my hand and told me I needed to make a discloth! 

Well OK, that sounded good.  I’ve never made one. 

I chose a repetitive pattern that was fun to knit and looked pretty.  While I was knitting, I decided that the yarn was too soft to use as a discloth, those get grungy so fast and it would bum me out too much to see my pretty knit get all funky in my scary kitchen.  Instead, it’s my new washcloth.  I never have used a washcloth so I guess you could say I actually needed one.  I got the pattern online somewhere where there was a listing of hundreds of patterns.  This one was attributed to an unknown designer but the pattern was easy.  Here it is:

CO 39.Row 1: K2 *yo K3, pass first of the three over the next two stitches* repeat until last stich K1. Rows 2 and 4: Purl.  Row 3: K1
*K3, pass the first of the three stitches over the next two, yo* repeat until the last two stitches, K2. 

I took the photo with a couple really nice smelling soaps that I got at Maxwell Street Days, a huge sidewalk sale on our main downtown shopping street.  Yummy.

I think I will make a bunch more for presents.  The yarn, Lily Sugar and Cream 100% worsted weight cotton, was soft and smelled good, and was only $1.49 for 2.5 ozs.  Pretty presents for cheap!  That makes me smile.


72107_008_500x426And since I love shoes, here is a picture of a pair of Dansko Mary Janes that I picked up at Maxwell Street Days.  I used to think Danskos were utterly fug, but I have slowly revised that stance over the years.  I wore them to work on Saturday and Oh my, they were so comfortable.  I forgive them their fugness.

I also finished my secret project.  I love it and have had a ball wearing it.  I’ll get pictures up soon.

Happy Summer Days!


July 22, 2007 by Knitcircus

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