Mmmm. smells like the pesto and chicken the Huz is whipping up for dinner is almost ready. This is the time of year when people with gardens can feel very happy and proud when they eat stuff (like basil, green beans and French zucchini) picked ripe from their own yards. This is the time of year we feel lucky to live in this part of town with big Tracts of Land, though I curse in other seasons the fact that we can’t walk to anything but our neighbors’ houses.

–The bamboo wrap I’m working on has to be frogged down through the last two weeks of knitting. Meh. Why did I think lace would be self-healing?
I think I’m slowly starting to understand that I may be a color-work kinda gal, not a lace knitting kinda gal.

Melanie really impresses me with her Mystery Shawl knitalong. I’m secretly following it, watching the posts of other people, like Bonne Marie, as they unravel, or ravel, I guess, the ‘clues’ to make a beautiful triangle wrap. She also chose an important cause for people to support if they wanted to show their gratitude in greenbacks.
Maybe if I work on my lace knitting between now and this time next year, I’ll be worthy. Until then, I just bow down.

–The kids’ aprons are finished! Maybe hard to see, but hers sports pink pompoms on the pockets. They like them! Every time we bake, they just grab them off the hooks and we’re good to go.
Despite the heat, I’ve still baked a bunch lately. My new favorite recipe is  Tomato Biscuit pie, from Laurie Colwin’s book More Home Cooking.  She wrote two volumes of cooking essays, (the first, you probably guessed, called Home Cooking), which I read whenever I want something comforting and inspirational at the same time. I entertain thoughts of trying to write my own essays in this vein just because I want more, and the great Laurie unfortunately went way too early to the big kitchen in the sky.Img_0045

–A quick upholstery project. When we brought the sewing table up from the basement, the torn brown leatherette cover looked a bunch shabbier in the light of day. I stretched this canvas over it and used some upholstery tacks to secure the sides. It looks much more cheerful now, and if I actually located some scotch-guard or something like that, it’d last a while.
If I had read Abode a la Mode one week sooner, I’d have known that one alternated fasteners along each edge, and the stripes wouldn’t look a little diagonal.  Author Jeannee Ledoux offers a book chock full of projects from a folding screen made of painter’s canvas to make-your-own Marimekko-style print curtains to welded furniture. It’s designed for people in apartments, but I got plenty of ideas out of it.
–More finished sewing projects, no finished knits, though I’m very close on the sleeve of my Teva Durham sweater.  I’ve got pics on the camera of: my blue dress and four snappy napkins.

–Tonight I’ll cut out a set of linen napkins for my brother and his fiancee–their wedding shower is coming up in just a couple of weeks.

oxox Jaala

July 19, 2007 by Knitcircus

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