My vintage-tablecloth apron is up over at Tie One On!
A couple of years ago, I made a ruffled skirt out of this round tablecloth, which I gave to a friend, leaving two pie-shaped pieces left over. They didn’t look quite big enough for an apron, and I was mulling over other possibilities (pieced pillow-cover? pie-shaped handbag?) when I happened to put on my workhorse vintage apron to make pie with the kids.
"Hey, that’s not very long!" I thought, and, sure enough, the ruffled fabric in my stash matched the old apron in length and width almost exactly!

Both pieces of orange fabric were the same size, but I wanted a super-girly look, so I layered one over the other, with the top one hitched up so the ruffle below showed.  Then I cut the top/center section out of the under-ruffle, turned and hemmed it, and sewed it to the top piece with wavy, white top stitching. The small section I cut from the under layer became the pocket. I wanted kind of a round bottom to echo the white stitching line.
The pocket posed some problems for my not-expert-sewing brain. I knew I wanted to use the last scraps of ruffle to make a tiny version of the apron itself……but how?! The fabric is kind of bulky, some sort of poly or linen blend, so sewing several layers together would stress my machine, and probably look bad, too. Finally, I decided to hem and sew the bottom ruffle like I did on the apron, and sew that onto the pocket after adding the bias tape edging. Then I sewed the right sides of the top ruffle and pocket together.  But how could I make it look as if it was freely ruffling over the pocket?  I made a handkerchief hem on each side of the ruffle, stitched down the bias tape and pocket to just under the first ruffle, then top stitched the ruffle sides to the apron.
Whew! Pocket complete.   
Just for fun, I hand-sewed the vintage buttons on top of the pocket. Only when the Huz took the picture did I realize that it gave a smiley-face effect.
But hey, that’s okay–have a nice day, yo!Img_0055


July 02, 2007 by Knitcircus

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