Img_0174More dishcloths! I juuuust caaan’t stoooop!

Oh, and this one happens to be resting on the Spring Zine. It’s color cover just begged to be photographed, what can I say?

Yesterday marked a big leap for Jaalakind.  The Huz and I moved my sewing table up out of the corner of the windowless basement storage room to its new home next to the front door.
In the living room.
I can’t believe my good fortune–now I can watch the kids and talk to them through the open windows while they play in the yard, and can hang out with them when they play Hi-Ho-Cherry-O on the coffee table, all while sewing. My life just improved a whole bunch, even if the ironing board isn’t the very cutest thing to look at in our public space.

Another jump-start to my stitching bonanza? My copy of Bend the Rules Sewing arrived yesterday–what a treat.  I’ve been groovin’ on Amy’s Blog for a few months now, and her book lives up to my hopes and dreams. Lovely pictures with fun colors one would expect from an eye-candy crafter like her, but the patterns and tips really revved my engine, too. The tutorial on making your own bias tape was worth the price of admission right there, and she got me all excited about sewing bags, pillows and blankets, which I haven’t done since 2004.

Img_0160Speaking of home sewing, I happen to have made another dishcloth for my mom. The polka-dot strip would normally be further toward the edge, but I needed to disguise a stain on the base fabric. I scored the shirting-stripe at last-year’s Yarn Swap, so a spot or two seems fair.

This morning, my dad took the kids for a while to splash in streams at the local park, so I worked on our kitchen curtains for a good two hours. They always take longer than you think, and these definitely need a lining–the main fabric, from my stash, has a lovely drape, but seems quite thin, so I’m making two backing panels from white cotton (another Yarn Swap find!).

Okay, off to lie down and riffle through Amy’s book and the new Cottage Living some more.

June 22, 2007 by Knitcircus

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