Whoo-boy, have I got a bunch of pictures to show you!
Some are fun, and summer fun!

Today, I just returned from my parents’ house–I took the kids and headed up there Thursday, and then yesterday my dad and I took them canoing on the Kickapoo River.Img_0193
We didn’t expect all of these beautiful rock formations along the way, and the river went from ankle-deep to waist-deep, with tons of twists ‘n’ turns–perfect for little kids.

My parents’ land and garden looks like an earthly paradise this time of year.
Here’s a sample:
Oh, and I have knitted and sewn some stuff, too!

Here’s some of the lace from the pillow I’m making for my mom from my hand-dyed yarn. It’s my first time out with lace-weight and hoo-ee, that puppy takes a while to knit up. Since I learned a new lace pattern at the same time (this is Snowdrop Lace from my 1970’s Mon Tricot stitch guide) the first few repeats, especially, took oh, eight hours to the inch.
Next time I hand-dye, I’ll choose a DK-weight for a sweater for Little Belle.

And the Dishcloth Derby continues–here’s a knitted version. I took the Flower Washcloth from Weekend Knitting and made it smaller, and out of cotton. We’ll try it out and see if next time I should change it to all-garter for more friction-dishcloth-power.
Well, sleep continues to elude me a lot, but I’ll tell you, I slept great after that canoe trip. Now all I have to do is find six hours a day to exercise…..


June 16, 2007 by Knitcircus

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