Of course, I get all excited when I get that little note in my inbox telling me that the Canadian knitgoddess has done it again.
I have to admit that the cute, lacy Vog’ On anklets almost turned me into a sock knitter for a second there, but the pattern I’ll call Most Likely to Knit is Coachella. It’s got style, and crazy shaping that makes the piece work. I like that, it reminds me of Tubey. If I actually knit it, I’d make it longer, with a lace or mock-cable edging. Maybe some leaves–I love leaves.

It’s hot and humid in the Mad City today, and I think the kids and I are headed to the beach, if they can stop picking at each other long enough to get changed….Next week, we’ll swim the Goodman Pool. When we found out it didn’t open until the 16th, we got collectively bummed (hence the fighting). I guess the schools will be out then….

Hmm, Coachella.


June 11, 2007 by Knitcircus

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