Well, it was nice to see my naturopath and get some ideas for supplements to get my energy levels and sleep back to where they oughta be.

But, as the lovely Ms. Coco asks, what have I been knitting lately?

A present
for my mom, which I presented yesterday, but still have no picture of, my Teva
Durham sweater sleeve, and the ongoing bamboo scarf.

But here’s some of my instant-gratification sewing:

The Dishtowel Derby!

The roses came from part of a vintage linen tablecloth I made a dress from; the cowboys were once curtains I found at a garage sale, and the toile with pompoms is for my mom’s new kitchen.

Been doing a lot of sewing here at the ranch (house). Next I’ll post pics of my new dress, Belle’s finished apron and Buddy’s crazy shorts.



June 04, 2007 by Knitcircus

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