have been way out of the action for weeks now.  What a bummer.  I had influenza that turned into pneumonia and that has kicked my butt more than I would have predicted.  But now I’m feeling back to my regular self and am rearing to get moving on my knitting again.

I’ve been too tired to do much knitting, but I got a bunch of other crafty stuff done in the meantime.  It was fun taking a little break, especially when I didn’t have anything I needed to get done as a gift.

First, it was my oldest daughter’s birthday, and I made her a Lightening McQueen cake for her birthday.  She loved the cake and it was fun to decorate but if I ever did that for a living I would have to charge an exorbitant price because it takes me forever to agonize over each stroke of frosting.

I have a huge stash of roving that I haven’t been moving through.  I almost gave it away at the yarn swap but at the last moment couldn’t.  I wrapped some soaps in felt to give as Mother’s day gifts with some of it.  They didn’t turn out all that well, the felt is really loose, but it will tighten up as it is used and the colors for the most part are really pretty.

I’ve decided to make a bunch of little felt balls to use as beads to adorn something in my house.  I am not sure what the destination for these is yet, but it will surely be cool once it’s done.  I am really into adorning my house these days.  It just feel right.

I decorated my ceiling fan this past weekend.  It is a really cheap ugly one that we have been intending on replacing.  We finally admitted to ourselves that we aren’t going to change it so I painted the fan blades and decoupaged elements from Van Gogh’s "Starry Night" painting over that.  It came out great. 

So anyway, not much knitting has been done.  I have a bunch of stuff I need to block but there is a pile of clothes sitting on top of my ironing board that needs to be put away before I can block.  It seems so simple to take the next step, but in my life, it can take days for these simple things. That’s just the way it is.


May 08, 2007 by Knitcircus

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