# Kids in house: 3

# Adults in house: 1

# Sick kids: 3

# Kids with ear infectons:1

# Sick adults in house:1

Location of Husband: Within Luxor Pyramid in Las Vegas

Husband’s upgrade today: Luxury Jacuzzi suite

My upgrade today: 2 more kids with ear infections

Trips to after hours pediatrician: 1

# seconds left before stopped in parking spot when second
daughter vomited in car
: 3

# Children injured while trying to walk without seeing the puke: 1

Husband’s activities during peds. Dr. excursion: 1) Poolside
Mai Tai, 2) reading a novel

# FO’s this week: 3

# almost FO’s this week: 2

# New projects: 1

Future excursion: yoga retreat, spa, alone


Can you even imagine?


I’m going to go to bed soon, because this day has me
spanked. What started as a cold this
weekend has turned into a monstrosity, culminating in the spectacle of
today. I haven’t had the time to stop
and wallow, doing the single Mama thing is hard and I give major props to all
those strong women who do it on a daily basis.

The insanity of it all is that I have been knitting like
crazy. While the logical thing to do
would be to snuggle on the couch with a tea and blog (HELLO!), it’s my mother’s birthday this
weekend and I planned to make a hat and a necklace for her.  Darnit, I was down to the wire and I had to
get it done.

She hates wool and can’t tolerate it on her skin so I made
her a center square hat using recycled sari silk and 100% soy silk (Southwest
trading company, Pheonix, in black) and I think the finished product is just
her cup of tea. I predict she will
really like it.

I also made her a knitted necklace that I saw on Knitty
Gritty. It is very cool, but dang, hard
work. All of it was tedious, the
knitting of the metallic thread yarn (Shimmer, South West Trading Company, in gold) with size 0 needles, and then the
threading and knotting of the crystal beads. But I really like it finished. The necklace is really eye catching but she doesn’t have to stress about wearing
something really precious when it’s on. I hope she
likes it.

Also, I got a fire lit under my butt to dye some yarn at the yarn swap. I was supposed to bring the yarn to the swap
and dye it but that concept apparently got lost in the fog of my brain this weekend.  I’m glad Ms. C was so on top of that. The yarn was a 100% lambswool that I
reclaimed from a $3 thrift store sweater. It is a sport weight (Got to use my WPI tool – woot woot!) and I wanted
to dye it in the colors of a blue and gold Macaw. The yarn came out pretty nice.  I had to do
extra washes to get the yellow to crisp up, but I am happy with the finished
product. I also did a couple hanks in
green/green-yellow. For dyes I used food
color and vinegar, except for the yellow, where I used $ Store Kool-Aid (Fruti Kool)
which has a much more robust yellow than the well-hydrated-pee, lemonade yellow
that Kool Aid provides. It really works
well, as scary as the fluorescent yellow is.

And that’s all I can squeeze out of my brain tonight, readers.  I’m goin’ to bed!  May I have no more "Upgrades" this week (Unless it is a jacuzzi next to my bedroom of course.)


April 25, 2007 by Knitcircus

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