Yay! The Yarn Swap turned out to be just as fun as I’d hoped. Mike cooked more veggie rolls than even a bunch of hungry knitters could eat, I scored some Silk Garden and Suri Dream yarn, as well as some vintage patterns, women got to talk while kids and dads played outside, and Erika’s baby girl charmed everyone, as usual.

Our neighbor, Ms. C, cooked up a big pot of Kool-Aid dye and made variegated pink roving, some of which went home with felt artist Ms. M, and many knitters achieved the stunning feat of going home with less than they brought, so the prison knitting programs will get a couple of boxes, too.

Ahh, knitters. It was my kind of party.


In anticipation of the big event, I got all excited last week and decided to try some fiber dyeing on my own with leftover Easter egg dye. I read carefully the notes on this blog, which boosted my confidence, and then li’l Buddy helped me soak the yarn and mix up the dyebath. I used about two tablespoons of vinegar for each solution, then put half of the skein in a pyrex cup inside the pot. I let the whole shebang come almost to a boil, and then left it to simmer for about 25 minutes, until the water looked clear, then took it off the heat and let it cool to room temperature. That took longer than I’d thought it would! The next day, I gently washed it in woolite and hung it up to dry.

Drying took longer than anticipated, too, so it was a day later when I started rolling it into a ball, with some help from Belle, since I’d lost the ends pretty thoroughly.

Here’s the finished product, a grapefruit-sized ball that looks project-ready! I know just what I’m going to knit with it, too, but it’s a present.

Specs: Knitpicks’ Bare- 70% wool, 30% silk, fingering weight, 440 yards
                                                   Dye used: one tablet each blue and purple Easter egg dye, plus vinegar

April 24, 2007 by Knitcircus

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