I’ve heard about people who make shawls infused with prayers, meet and sit quietly, meditating on love and joy for the receiver. The shawl ministriesImg_0042_2
fill me with a kind of awe 1)that people are making such beautiful, complicated objects 2) to give away! 3) that they can maintain this kind of focus throughout its making.
‘Reverent focus’ is not the watchword of my personal life right now. Between working, taking care of two preschoolers, trying to surf the chaos in the house, having a marriage and every once in a while attempting to see my friends, read, knit, exercise, etc., it’s about the opposite (the reason the circus metaphor works so well…..)

But, I have a secret joy. I began this feather-and-fan scarf last summer, with the intention that I only knit on it when I’m relaxed and focused, putting good vibes into it. Mostly, this happens when someone cancels and appointment with me at work, but every so often, early in the morning or during one of those child-free moments, I knit a row or two.
I stroke the smooth merino fibers and enjoy the mixture of cat-tongue pink and creamy white in the fibers.
I breathe.
So, I don’t plan on having this scarf around my neck anytime soon, but knowing it’s there, and that I’ve put myself at my best into every row, makes me happy.

April 17, 2007 by Knitcircus

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