Huh, it looks like the snow has slowed down out there–oops, until that last blast of wind.  As of yesterday, I was still in denial, allowing myself to believe that Some People would have to dig themselves out tomorrow, but that it would blow to the North of us.   By late afternoon, I conceded that we would get some snow, but probably only a couple of inches. The daffodils managed to bloom again and a bunch of my bulbs have leaves and delicate-looking shoots, so I knew that something would have to be done if I wanted to save them. I wasn’t sure what, though, so I ended up rolling a bunch of clear plastic window-covering over the front beds, securing the edges with rocks and having the kids hand me random objects (deflated soccer ball, tin can) to prop up the plastic so it wouldn’t crush the plants. Time will tell if it worked, but at least I wanted to do something.

In any case, two of my clients canceled this afternoon due to the snow, but my kids’ school still ran, so I ended up with two hours alone this afternoon! I know, it’s like this alone-time thing is happening more and more! So I lay on the couch and read Vanity Fair’s ‘Green Issue,’ and then went online and bought a couple of used books (recycled, I should say) on how we can help the Earth.

While shopping, I remembered that I needed to get some prizes for the upcoming Yarn Swap–ooh, I had fun! Erika, you’ll be happy to know that I believe that the two items I chose will fit anyone and speed the heartbeat of all of the knitters there.  And I’m sure nobody has them already, either. Man, I can’t wait for that party. Though, come to think of it, I haven’t sifted through my stash yet.

On to the crafting!
Lil Buddy shows off his new apron.                  

At first, he totally ignored this as it hung on a hook in the kitchen
for days, then all of a sudden, I mentioned making cookies, and he got
all excited about it and ran to put it on. I’m glad he started liking it at some point….Img_0030


In the knitting arena, the sweater has progressed slooooowly since the Lord of the Rings film festival ended.  On top is the neck-and-shoulder section, with the bottom, ah, on the bottom.  I had to rip out the lace section on top after finding out that the increases had thrown my yarnovers off in the second leaf. Then, after you divide it, you’re supposed to keep increasing every four rows, but, dumbbell, I didn’t really understand how that affected the direction of the knitting, so I left my markers in the same places, with the result that one side has the increases in the right place, and the other has them four stitches to the left. I still haven’t decided if I’m going to rip it back again.

Hmmm. Looks like my little Snow day interlude is over–better get on the work clothes and slog onto the streets again.

April 11, 2007 by Knitcircus

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