I got some great news today.


I had surgery last week to remove an ovarian mass. The anesthesia and surgery went really well,
the dream state as I was waking up from anesthesia was fascinating and amazing,
but I have been sweating all week waiting for the results of the
pathology. I think it is inhumane that
they make you wait so long, but that is a whole other rant. Anyway, I found out
this morning that the mass was benign.  I
am so happy.


I had surgery and all I got was a picture of my ovary and its alien mini-me.

To celebrate my good news, Idecided to treat myself to a
trip to a LYS that I had never been to before.

I was hoping to find more olive yarn to
finish my second shot at center square. I
had such high hopes that this would be a stash buster hat, but here I am
looking to buy new yarn to finish it.  It would be ironic except that it is too totally typical of me to even qualify.

Oldest Daughter had her first “Drop-off” birthday party
today, so after I left her at her fairy-themed fete, I took Baby A and off we went.
After a circituitous journey around the
town center, we ended up at a Pilates studio where the LYS had once been. Ruh-roh. I found out the store went out of
business. Too bad.

On the way back to the car, I did find another store that
had a sign boasting “Yarn and knitting supplies.” Heartened, we stepped out of
the windy 27 degree weather (Yes, I did check, it is still April 6th)
to check out this place. It turned out
to be a year-round Christmas Shoppe, with a desperate woman who seemed
starved for human contact and who jumped up to come to our aid in
shopping.  Her yarn selection wasn’t all that
exciting or extensive, and while it was sweet, her attentiveness bordered on
creepy. We hightailed it out of there as
soon as I felt it was humane to do so.

So much for the potential great yarn finds of today.  It’s probably for the best though.  I might just order some olive something or other from Knit picks to finish the centersquare hat. 

We then packed ourselves back in the van (If you are a minivan Mama, check this out) and
proceeded to the shoe store, which was much more satisfying. 

I love Steve Madden.

After that I bought my older daughters those Harry Potter themed jelly
beans.  They have booger and vomit flavored ones, can you imagine?

And that was our afternoon.



April 06, 2007 by Knitcircus

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