After 2.5 years, the Jane of the Jungle Cargos are DONE.  I feel like having a party to celebrate my liberation from this project.  I’ve already cast on a new project, the Centersquare hat from Knitty that Jaala did, and have a bunch more ready to go as soon as I get my yarns and needles sorted out.

These pants started out in 2004 as the Anouk Jumper from Knitty, done in the style and materials from  Knitty’s Jane of the Jungle  baby bikini.   That jumper, intended for my second daughter Irini, was doomed from the start.   Something bizarre happened to it, causing it to end up like a very long and very narrow apron sans leopord spots.  Disgusted, I put it away for a while until I could bear to undo the painfully worked rows.  It had taken me a long time to knit up because the yarn, Cascade Fixation, while being a lovely, soft, elasticised cotton, is also super stretchy and wears the fingers out when it is worked. 

Anyhow, pregnant with Baby A last summer, I got up the gumption to turn the mutant apron into a pair of cargoes, also from Knitty.  The pants knit up without  giving me too many extra gray hairs, much to my 4307_013_375x500satisfaction.  Take that Mutant Apron Thing!

Then came the swiss darning embroidery of the leopard spots.  I realized that while I love to knit, I really don’t have the same love of embroidery.  I think what I dislike is the fact that it takes much more attention to detail to make embroidered stitches than I prefer to give when knitting  (See mutant apron, above).  The spots were made also with Cascade Fixation, in a gold/taupe/black varigation.  I had to cut bits of yarn in the appropriate colors to make the outlines of the spots and the gold interiors.  This part took me about 6 months to finish. 

The whole time I was sweating, because the pants looked awfully small next to my giant baby girl.  My husband has declared us done with 3 kids, but I swear, if this child does not get to wear this garment after all this work, we’re having another who will.

Fortunately the knit has tremendous stretch and it fits Baby A just fine.  The legs are a bit long for her yet and will be just about right when it gets cool next fall.  The botton is stretchy enough that this part will surely fit when that time comes as well.  My husband is breathing a big sigh of relief.

I got Baby A dressed in her snazzy new duds this morning and she shortly christened their maiden voyage with a spectacular diaper blowout that encompassed not only the leopard pants, but my shirt, pants, the couch, and my alpaca Mama-cardigan that I have on the needles.

I am choosing to take this as the highest form of compliment.


April 03, 2007 by Knitcircus

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