My parents’ kindness is huge–they took the kids for two overnights this week in honor of Spring Break (and because I still have to work).
Since the kids and I usually hang out together on Tuesdays, this meant that I got to be by myself today. The magnitude of this can’t be overstated. A whole day. Me. Nobody else except Mike, with whom I have a date this evening ;).

Yesterday as I was leaving work, a co-worker (mama of three) laughed when I told her–"You won’t know what to do with yourself!" 
And, even though I made a Long List of things to do today, she’s right. I’m not used to having big chunks of a day without people yelling or wanting me to watch a new trick.  I’m trying to stick a balance between doing big projects, cleaning, running errands (here’s a chance to find that Easter candy…) and, you know, relaxing. That said, I am doing things, and having a quiet little blast at home.

One important thing–I pressed the Bamboo Scarf. Yes, it’s done!Img_0020
In all of its soft, drapey glory, the scarf came in at 5" by 43."  The other day, I asked my neighbor, C, who not only has Lots of Knitting Experience, but works at a LYS as well,  how I should block the scarf. The moss stitch border kept folding over onto the scarf body, and we can’t have that.
"Hmm," she said,"This is such a new fiber, we haven’t been sure what to tell people at work. I guess I’d just press it lightly under a cloth."
So I did–but didn’t press lightly enough on the first few inches. Now they look flat, while the rest of it seems fine. But it lays nicely now, and I’m hoping the person who sees it at the auction won’t notice that much if a bit of it looks pressed. Despite the indignity to one edge, it drapes even more silkily now, if possible.
Now the hard part–giving it away.



April 03, 2007 by Knitcircus

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