We just got back from a week long beach vacation. It was fabulous.  I had to laugh so many times.  There are crafty folk all over the place, and they are always happy to talk about fibers, patterns, techniques, and dying.  I met a lot of people through these knitting conversations while we traveled.  There is a whole culture of us out there, eyeing each other’s knits and project bags as we pass each other on the moving sidewalk people movers and down the airlplane aisles.  The coolest part of it was the exhange of techniques and ideas that happened in these funny 1 minute connections.  It’s like the internet, only better because you can touch their stuff.

I knit like a fiend before leaving on our trip and finished Flirty Skirty at the 11th hour.  Phew.  It was all worth it when I saw the soft cornflower cotton shimmering over Baby A’s sweet little booty.   The pattern is from Little Turtle Knits, one of my favorite WAHM designers.


The skirt sports a lace bottom and underneath, an attached soaker.  The cotton I used, Shine from Knit Picks, is soft and drapey and was perfect for this project (Though it won’t function as a soaker).

I am going to make a bunch of the undersoakers alone as diaper covers.  I love the fit and that part knitted up quickly.  The skirt seemed to take forever and I am too impatient to do it again any time soon.

The skirted baby legs inspired a heated argument about whether A’s thighs were Reubenesque or more Renoir-like.  The debate lasted through 2 pitchers of mojitos and never was resolved in any satisfying manner.

Our trip was mellow.  Lots of serious beach and pool time, with some Geo-caching and wildlife-seeking excursions in between.  And of course the mojitos.  I brought 3 knitting projects and lazily worked on all three here and there and didn’t care about progress.   

The weather was great.  Warm days and evenings with a cool breeze.  S wore her Afghans for Afghans vest at sunrise and in the evenings and I was so surprised by how naturally this wool and silk garment fit in with her summery beach attire.

I was on a mat just up the beach doing sunrise yoga when C shot this picture.  It doesn’t get any better than that.   

I came back home full of ideas and inspiration, but am not allowing myself any new projects until I finish the  3 year old skeleton in my closet.  Wah.

Vacation was lovely but it’s also really great to be home. 

March 27, 2007 by Knitcircus

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