Do you ever have those times where the universe unexpectedly tosses you huge things?
I am talking about things that are big and can change your life but you
often don’t even realize how much you are in need of them.

been happening to me quite a bit. First, I got an unexpected manilla
envelope in the mail at my house, addressed to Jaala and the Zine. I
called her up and, on the phone, opened the envelope to see what it
was. It was kind of like being the awards presenter for the Oscars LOL.
Anyway, the envelope contained the manuscript of Ariel Gore’s new book "How to Become a Famous Writer Before You Are Dead"
Her publicist sent it to us to review in our upcoming issue of
Madlovin’ Mama. The book was empowering and inspiring and has us
feeling some major creative power. It’s all fabulous.

Of course, we’ll maintain our composure and try to not let it cut into our knitting too much.

then today,I was hanging out in front of our house today with Irini and
Baby A, enjoying the 60+ degree afternoon when I met a woman walking by
with her dog. After we got our doggy fix (Friendly little long haired
red dachshund), she checked out my Noro silk garden sweater, asked me
if I was a knitter, and got into a great conversation about her
handpainted luxury yarn business.

Did I mention she lives
right in my neighborhood? Or that she has bulky cashmere and recycled
sari silk yarns? And that her house is full of yarn that I can go see?

name is Jolene and meeting up with her had a great feel. Like something
cool is going to come about as a result of it. When I checked out her
website and saw the colorways and all the amazing fibers she has, I got
really inspired. I would love to get some of her yarn and use it to
make something really different and unique. Maybe this will take me in
a completely new direction?

Here is the website.
Her company is called Honeypot Yarns. If you google it make sure you
put in the yarns part or you will end up in quite a different sort of
site She sells to yarn shops mostly but has an enormous stash of
yarns that she has used as experiments or that she isn’t carrying
anymore. I am so excited to go check it all out.

Also, we have to invite this woman to our upcoming yarn swap.

I have to go work on Flirty Skirty. I am working on the legholes and
crotch shaping tonight. This means I am almost done. Not a moment too
soon,our departure is in days.


March 18, 2007 by Knitcircus

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