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This weekend brought us balmy 40 degrees F spring weather–that's warm if you've just had plenty of Wisconsin winter!It warmed my heart hearing the neighborhood kids out playing Olympics (LI'l Buddy: "I need a blue bandana, 'cuz I'm Apolo Ohno!"). He actually took these photos for me while on Rollerblades, which may explain the lack of detail. But notice that under the tree you can actually see ground!

Purpleskirt 3

For the skirt: main color was a purple that I thought was wool, from my grandma's stash. She has lovely yardages of wool, even some my mom remembers from her childhood, but Grandma also likes synthetics, and midway through the project, I started suspecting that this fabric fell into that category. 

It's an A-Line skirt, using the guidelines from Cal Patch's book DIY Clothes. Let's just say it's a midweight wool and has a back zip and front darts, fully lined. I even hand-sewed the hem and the lining at the zipper, so was proud of myself. The applique is cut from a red finewale corduroy and generally sits more to the side than appears in these pics.

This pose was suggested by the photographer, leaping off the skateboard jump:Purpleskirt 4 

What a satisfying feeling to have a skirt that fits perfectly around the waist!

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The photographer would look like Apolo if he was wearing the bandana…:):

Photographer rollerblading

March 08, 2010 by Knitcircus

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