Lair Improvement

As you guys probably know, my yarn -dyeing studio is fondly called The Evil Lair, mostly becasue it’s in the basement. I’ve been working with the skeins downstairs, then running upstairs and setting kitchen timers for the dyebaths to snatch … Continue reading
June 11, 2013 by Knitcircus

Big and Tiny Trees

Oh, Christmas tree! This weekend, we took the kids to the same Christmas tree farm we always went to when I was a kid. Summer’s lies just outside of town, tucked between beautiful, rolling hills. It was strange to be there without snow; usually, … Continue reading

Cyber Monday One-of-A-Kind Yarn Sale

  Midnight Mystery I call these skeins One Man Bands: I love trying out new colorways and combinations, and these skeins are true originals. Today and tomorrow, reward yourself for all of that holiday hosting and shopping with a fun-one-of-a-kind … Continue reading