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Fiber Friday: Variegated Yarn and Knitted Farm Animals WInner

KnitcircusFeb 8, '131 comment

Fiber Friday posts are something I’ve always loved to read (and when I say read, I mean, drool over pretty yarn pictures) so let’s join in the fun! First, we have a lucky winner to announce: the Knitted Farm Animals book … Continue reading →

Still Flying Yarn Collection

KnitcircusNov 17, '12

Joss Whedon’s a genius, and after we worked our way through all of the Buffy and Angel episodes, Mike and I decided to give this Firefly series a try. At first, I thought, “Okay, it’s Han Solo with a new crew,” but after one … Continue reading →

Knitcircus Yarns Grand Opening

KnitcircusSep 27, '12

Please come join the party! Harvest colors, inspired by all of your comments… Midnight stars… Fresh fruits… To celebrate the Knitcircus Yarns Grand Opening, you’ll receive a free gift with each purchase: With a worsted-weight yarn, a free printed copy of the Silk Moon … Continue reading →