May Rainbows and Rhubarb

  Okay, I’ll admit it, I always had a secret desire to dye a rainbow. At first I squelched it, because it reminded me of sticker collecting in fourth grade and I figured knitters are more sophisticated than that. And … Continue reading

Friday Fiber and Food

Fiber Love Amy J, Chris and I have been dyeing, drying, packaging and administrating like crazy, so here are some behind-the-scenes Yarn and Lair pictures for Friday. if you’re wondering, we mark cakes with different-colored stitch markers to show which … Continue reading
March 14, 2014 by Knitcircus

So Very Nice

We’re all curled up in front of the fireplace this snowy afternoon. Belle’s under the weather, so a lot of Modern Family going on. My great-grandmother who came over from Serbia knitted the stockings above, and the Steve felt stocking … Continue reading
December 22, 2013 by Knitcircus

Knitcircus Podcast #38

Amy and Jaala are ready for the holidays, with cookies, squash and more garter stitch shawls! Listen on Libsyn or iTunes Mentioned this podcast: Tin Can Knits Shortbread Cookies Vegetarian Shepherd’s Pie Nancy Marchant Brioche Hitch, by Stephannie Tallent Amy … Continue reading

Big and Tiny Trees

Oh, Christmas tree! This weekend, we took the kids to the same Christmas tree farm we always went to when I was a kid. Summer’s lies just outside of town, tucked between beautiful, rolling hills. It was strange to be there without snow; usually, … Continue reading

Holidays Start

I just love the holidays! It’s extra work and planning, but so much fun. One tradition we started when the kids were younger was to give them one beloved Christmas book a day; I wrap them in simple tissue paper tied with … Continue reading
December 03, 2012 by Knitcircus

Cyber Monday One-of-A-Kind Yarn Sale

  Midnight Mystery I call these skeins One Man Bands: I love trying out new colorways and combinations, and these skeins are true originals. Today and tomorrow, reward yourself for all of that holiday hosting and shopping with a fun-one-of-a-kind … Continue reading

Apples for Sauce and the Most Compact PC Ever

A relaxing, rainy weekend at home was just what the doctor ordered for our family; each kid got to host a sleepover, complete with French toast and sausage breakfast. Since we’ve agreed that I’ll knit for the kids on Sunday, here’s … Continue reading

Summer Fun; Cooking and Crafting

Summer’s half over, and what a hot and dry one! Belle told me yesterday that she thinks that the dry weather is making us all feel prickly, like the poor bleached grass. To keep things refreshed, here are 5 things … Continue reading

Newsletter: Brownies and Blondies Recipes

Just in case you didn’t see it in your inbox, this week’s Knitcircus News gives you a Tropical Blondie recipe from Knitcircus Recipe Czar Bezzie, and a wheat-free brownie recipe that’s a family favorite around our place. Download the recipes from the … Continue reading
April 10, 2012 by Knitcircus