Stitches Midwest

Sasha says good morning! To get to this point, she has to try several times to jump onto the low couch, then run along all the way and climb over the arm of the chair. It’s pretty amusing to watch. … Continue reading

Stitches Midwest and Chicago Honeymoon

Last week, my parents took the kids on a train trip to the Rocky Mountains. They had a wonderful time scrambling up Eagle Cliff, Emerald Mountain and driving up the highest highway in the world. Meanwhile, Mike and I had … Continue reading

Stitches Midwest and an Unexpected Prize

Stitches Midwest was a blast! Loads of vendors, great classes, a swanky hotel with orchids in the lobby and an escalator....the best part was meeting our Tech Editor, Ada, for the first time. We've been working together for nearly two years on opposite sides of the country and never got to have an in-person conversation before! She was just as sweet, generous and intelligent as our work relationship led me to expect. Continue reading