Knitcircus Podcast 46

Jaala’s got rainbow sock fever and Amy’s high on German short rows… Listen on Libsyn or iTunes   WIN fabulous prizes! Email Jaala ( and tell her what you can find hidden at the Sow’s Ear yarn shop and you … Continue reading

Knit and Dye All the Things

Hi, Knitters, Knitting : trying to become a monogamous knitter Whew, during the Olympics, I made a bunch of time to knit each day, and somehow my knitting time has melted along with most of our snow. (Still some out there, and … Continue reading

Using Gradients: Socks

Stripy Socks Making stripes in socks can be a challenge, unless you’re very familiar with the jogless jog technique, so clever knitters and yarnmakers have come up with lots of ways to create stripes using the yarn itself! Different yarns … Continue reading

Taking Stock, Knitting Socks

Little League Season is starting, bringing with it kids in white pants, hotdogs, a loud pop as the aluminum bats smack the ball, and hot sun on the grass. For me, it means it’s time for a summer of socks. … Continue reading