Clear Deja Vue Box Knitting Bag by Tika Bags, ready to ship

Deja Vue Box Bags by Tika Bags 

Tika Bags are proudly made in the US.

These bags stole our hearts with their brilliant design! Clear plastic reveals your project inside - no more guessing! Adorable fabrics paired with a practical shape and handy strap makes this project keeper, well, a keeper! Plastic is stamped with lovely floral design.

Size: approx 8" across at the zipper, 5" high and 5" deep. This is a great size for socks, hats, mittens or other 100-150g projects. 

Construction includes:
- High quality woven cotton fabric
- Internal edges are covered with fabric to prevent fraying and snagging
- Fixed handle for portability measures about 4" away from bag
- Zipper closure
- Fabric top lined with coordinating fabric