The Knitcircus Crew has an ongoing commitment to better serve our Black customers, and are constantly working on being actively anti-racist. Because we feel strongly about this, but don't always have funds in the budget to donate to causes we believe in, we have worked hard to create and make available some letter templates to contact our elected officials and community leaders to combat racism and police brutality. Because sharing is caring, we've made these available to our customers as well. While there are only a few at the moment, we are steadily working toward making more, based on the work of Campaign Zero.

Each document contains two pages: one page of context, instructions, and resources, and one page for the letter template. These can be printed off and mailed, copied and emailed, or used as a script for making a phone call. 

As always, we strive for perfection, but sometimes we mess things up. If you notice typos, or if you have information or feedback that would make these documents more accurate or helpful, please send a note to