Frisenvang Handspun Undyed Organic Alpaca Yarn, various colors and gauges, ready to ship - SALE

$ 19.20

This yarn is on sale because it is discontinued - otherwise it's perfect! Sale yarns are not returnable.

Frisenvang Handspun Undyed Organic 100% Baby Alpaca Yarn

Knitcircus is currently the exclusive distributor of Frisenvang yarn in the US. Join us in supporting this amazing cause!

Frisenvang is the only company buying yarn directly from Peruvian alpaca breeders supporting their efforts to get profit from their alpaca wool.

Choose from Fingering weight, Sport weight, and worsted weight, in natural, undyed colors. Use dropdown menu to choose your yarn gauge and color.

  • Fingering weight: 100 grams/450-500 meters
  • Sport weight: 100 grams/250-300 meters
  • Worsted weight: 100 grams/150-200 meters

How to care for this yarn: handwash with gentle soap, lay flat to dry.

This yarn is ready to ship from our studio to your favorite knitting chair.

Organic and Sustainable

All the Frisenvang yarn is organic/ecological. It is however not certified, due to the majority of the alpaca breeders not being able to read. The certification process would therefore be very complicated to fulfill. We do therefore in the first place focus on placing as many orders as possible in Marcapata, to support the community in creating better life conditions for themselves, for example as better education for their children.

The Farmers and their Families

The main part of Peru’s population are farmers. Their income and the standard of living is very low for most of the country’s almost 30 million citizens. More than 150,000 of the families living in rural areas in the Andes mountains live below the poverty line and almost half of the young children in these families suffer from permanent malnutrition. Approximately 80% of the families’ incomes come from their alpacas, making their livelihoods vulnerable as  conditions in the heights above 3000 meters are harsh and unpredictable.

Peruvian Alpaca

More than 80% of all Peruvian alpaca wool is sold to two large producers. The two large producers control the entire production process and thus get the majority of the earnings of the produced yarn. Our mission is to contribute to support better living conditions for a number of people currently living in poverty. Therefore we buy our Frisenvang knitting yarn directly from the communities in the villages in the Andes mountains instead of from the large alpaca wool companies. When the alpaca breeders trade with Frisenvang they do not just deliver the wool, but they also perform the carding, hand spinning, plant coloring and packaging.

Yarn that Makes a Difference

We thus ensure that the farmers get a much larger share of the profit. As a result, these communities can improve their overall standard of living, here and now, and ultimately, get new opportunities. Their children including girls can get an education and they have access to better medical care. Over time this will enhance their abilities to create a business that is large enough to include others in the communities.

The project we support counts 265 families. The women, many of which are illiterate, are an important part in the cooperation with Frisenvang; It is primarily the women who are responsible for further processing the wool, thus contributing positively to the family household.


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