Knitter's Pride Melodies of Life Zing Interchangeable Needle Set, ready to ship

$ 85.00

Amy got a set of these from the UK and loves them; now they're available in the US!! They are light weight (aluminum) and smooth as silk. We are offering them for a limited time, so order soon. If you have other Knitter's Pride needles (and cables), they interchange with those as well.

The Melodies of Life "Zing" Interchangeable Needles Set makes a wonderful gift. It is presented in a specially designed box showcasing the most useful 9 needle sets. The box contains nine pairs of vibrant color coded Zing needles in sizes US 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 10.5 & 11, four color coded cables in lengths of 24", 32" & 40", and an assortment of knitting accessories (set of cord connectors, wool needles and stitch holders) packed in a coordinated monogrammed fabric pouch.

Each interchangeable needle is made from colorful aluminum. Each size comes in its own unique color making it easy to identify each size. An additional bonus is the two pairs of earrings being offered absolutely free.

* in the UK, this brand is called Knit Pro. They are the same needles, just branded differently for different markets.