Knitcircus Yarns: Mischief Managed Panoramic Gradient Matching Socks Set (medium), Greatest of Ease, ready to ship yarn - SALE

About this Sale Yarn

Most of our staff are fans of the Harry Potter series, and have been left feeling quite disenchanted with J.K. Rowling after her recent anti-trans/trans-exclusionary tweet. Through the reporting on her recent statement, we also came to learn of several other instances of J.K. Rowling's transphobia, of which we were previously unaware. After coming back from our Holiday break and discussing as a group, we've decided that we'll no longer be using the Harry Potter series as inspiration for any colorways. All current in-stock yarns based on the Harry Potter series are on permanent sale (while supplies last) of 10% off, and a matching 10% will be donated to Trans Lifeline, a peer-support hotline for trans people in crisis. To our trans customers and friends: we see you, and we support you. Sex is non-binary, and transgender people are real. To all our Hogwarts-loving customers and friends: we completely understand that the Harry Potter fan communities are generally very inclusive, and that the author's beliefs do not necessarily reflect your own. This decision has been made about our own products based on our own beliefs, and we hope you'll respect that.

This yarn is on sale because it is a discontinued color - otherwise it's perfect! Sale yarns are not returnable.

This yarn is ready to ship from our studio to your favorite knitting chair.

About Gradient Matching Socks Sets

Dyed-to-match gradient socks sets make perfect slow-striping socks. You choose to start from the center of the cake or the outside! If you start with the same color for each sock, you'll have maternal twins - every stitch of one sock matches the other exactly. 

About this Size

Medium socks - A medium socks set has 2 identical cakes that total 75g of fingering weight yarn. This makes a crew sock for women's size 6-9. If you want larger socks or just longer cuffs, look for a "large socks set". We recommend working toe-up socks whenever possible so you never stop knitting before your gradient finishes with a flourish.

About this Color

This is one of our Panoramic Gradients. These colorways are carefully designed to evoke memories of landscapes or films or poems. There are usually two or three colors in a Panoramic Gradient, as opposed to a Chromatic Gradient, which has many shades of one color.

*Mischief Managed Panoramic Gradient* In honor of our favorite Prefect and Quidditch Seeker, Ronald Bilius Weasley, we present this spider-free colorway. Christmas sweater blues, golden snitch yellow, and Weasley-hair red. 

About this Yarn Base

Greatest of Ease - fingering (80% superwash Merino/20% nylon), 2 cakes of 150 yards each, totaling 75g. This yarn base is our perennial best seller, and is truly versatile. Click here for more information about our different yarn bases.


  • This listing is for sock yarn only. You will not receive a completed pair of socks.
  • Because of our unique dyeing process, many of our darker colors appear heathered, with small light spots sprinkled throughout. This heathering is normal.
  • Care for this yarn is to hand or machine wash cold (delicate cycle), dry flat. Our yarns are colored using professional-grade acid dyes.
  • We’ve made every effort to photograph the color accurately, but appearance may vary depending on your monitor settings.