Pattern - Wallaby 8ply DK Children's Cardigan, by Georgie Hallam, ready to ship - SALE

Wallaby DK Children's Cardigan by Georgie Hallam

Wallaby personifies stylish simplicity. This perfectly shaped and fitting cardigan with its eye-catching yoke detail will quickly become your go to cardigan for all occasions. Gender neutral and appropriate for all ages.

A wallaby belongs to the same family as kangaroos (macropods) but is much smaller.

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This wee cardigan features a circular yoke and is knit seamlessly from the top down. It is finished with lovely chunky garter stitch cuffs. Wallaby explores the effect different increases can have on a yoke by using three variations and it is simple enough for a beginner.

The body of this cardigan is knit flat and the sleeves are knit in the round.

Finished chest measurement: 
15-19: 16/40.5 (17/43, 18½/47, 19½/49.5, 20½/52) inches/centimeters
20-30: 22/56 (23/58.5, 24/61, 25/63.5) [26/66, 27/68.5, 28/71] {29/73.5, 30/76, 32/81} inches/centimeters

This garment is designed to fit with graduated ease through the size range from 1”/2.5cms to 2”/5cms.

Sample in pattern shown in a 22” size knit to 6 years length on a six year old with a 22” chest.

Skill Level: 
Easy to Intermediate

15-19: 220/200 (250/230, 300/275, 340/310, 400/365) 
20-30: 450/420 (500/460, 540/495, 600/550, 650/595, 700/640, 760/695, 820/750, 890/815, 1020/935) yards/meters approximately.

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