Peekaboo Project Bags by Darn Yarn MN, two sizes, ready to ship

$ 32.50

These bags stole our hearts with their brilliant design! Unique plastic window reveals your project inside - no more guessing! Adorable fabrics paired with a practical shape and handy strap makes this project keeper, well, a keeper!

Regular size: 9.5" across at the zipper and 7.75" deep. Boxed bottom is 4.25" x 5.25". This is a great size for socks, hats, mittens or other 100-150g projects. 

Mega size: 12" across at the zipper and 12.5" deep. Boxed bottom is 5" x 7.25". This is a great size for larger cowls, sweaters and blankets ranging 150-700g.

Construction includes:
- High quality woven cotton fabric
- Double coated vinyl window to prevent dents
- Internal edges are sewn closed to prevent fraying and snagging
- Fixed handle for portability
- Zipper closure
- Medium weight stabilizer for a sturdy piece

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