Rainbow Trail Sweater Yarn Pack by Cristina Ghirlanda, pattern not included, ready to ship

Rainbow Trail Sweater Yarn Pack

Yarn for the delightful Rainbow Trail pattern by Cristina Ghirlanda! This pattern was written specifically for our Knitcircus Ringmaster yarn, so you can utilize our gradient and kettle-dyed yarns with ease! It's worked seamlessly from the top down with shaping at the shoulders for a fabulous fit.

This yarn is ready to ship from our studio to your favorite knitting chair.

Yarn Base

KnitCircus Ringmaster (100% merino wool), 185 yards/100g ball:

    • Main Color (MC) -  Kettle-Dyed skeins, your choice of color
    • Contrasting Color (CC) -  Gradient cakes, your choice of color

    Yarn Amounts

    Sizes and number of 100g skeins:

      • XS - 34" and S - 36.75" - 3 Kettle-Dyed (MC) and 3 Gradient (CC) - 6 total
      • M - 39.5" and L1 - 41.5" and L2 - 45.75" and 1XL - 48.25" - 4 Kettle-Dyed (MC) and 3 Gradient (CC) - 7 total
      • 2XL - 51" - 5 Kettle-Dyed (MC) and 4 Gradient (CC) - 9 total

    Colorways available


  • Quoth the Raven Kettle-Dyed Skeins (MC) and Love is Love Gradient (CC)
  • Silver Lining Kettle-Dyed Skeins (MC) and La Vie en Rose Gradient (CC)
  • Rhymes With Orange Kettle-Dyed Skeins (MC) and Under the Sea Gradient (CC)
  • Quoth the Raven Kettle-Dyed Skeins (MC) and Vampire Boyfriend Gradient (CC)
  • Quoth the Raven Kettle-Dyed Skeins (MC) and Shades of Gray Gradient (CC)
  • Bedrock Kettle-Dyed Skeins (MC) and Counting Sheep Gradient (CC)
  • Holy Diver Kettle-Dyed Skeins (MC) and Silly Old Bear Gradient (CC)
  • The Sensible Ms. Dashwood Kettle-Dyed Skeins (MC) and Hawaiian Sunset Gradient (CC)
  • Cornflower Kettle-Dyed Skeins (MC) and Rise and Shine Gradient (CC)
  • Cornflower Kettle-Dyed Skeins (MC) and Wallflower Gradient (CC)
  • Creamy Sheep Kettle-Dyed Skeins (MC) and Mint Festival Gradient (CC)
  • Chimney Sweep Kettle-Dyed Skeins (MC) and Happy Little Trees Gradient (CC)
  • Chimney Sweep Kettle-Dyed Skeins (MC) and My Funny Valentine Gradient (CC)
  • Chimney Sweep Kettle-Dyed Skeins (MC) and The Knit Sky Gradient (CC)
  • The Sensible Ms. Dashwood Kettle-Dyed Skeins (MC) and The Miss Bennets Gradient (CC)
  • Chimney Sweep Kettle-Dyed Skeins (MC) and Chance of Flurries Gradient (CC)

  • Pattern


    This pack does not include the pattern. Please find and purchase your pattern on Ravelry or Etsy, where you can easily download the pattern to your Ravelry library at the same time.


    Is your favorite colorway sold out?

    Care for all of our yarns: Hand or machine wash cold (delicate cycle), dry flat. Our yarns are colored using professional-grade acid dyes. We’ve made every effort to photograph the color accurately, but appearance may vary with your monitor settings.