Shawlography Stephen West MKAL Yarn Pack, pattern not included, dyed to order

Shawlography MKAL by Stephen West

We've put together some amazing combinations for this fabulous MKAL. Using Stephen's guidelines, we included no more than one speckled skein in your group, to maintain the "crisp clean contrast" he recommends. Five 100g fingering weight skeins will provide more than enough yarn for you to knit this 1900 yard shawl. Get ready for a fun ride!

Please note: All dyed-to-order yarns will out within 6-8 weeks

"It’s MKAL season! The MKAL is my annual Mystery Shawl Knit Along and this year’s shawl is called Shawlography. We will cast on the Shawlography mystery shawl on October 8 and knit together throughout the month of October as I release a section of the pattern each week until the final design is revealed. The Mystery Shawl is a complete surprise, so when you sign up by purchasing the pattern, you just know what types of yarn and needles you need along with color recommendations. Then, I will entertain you with a beautiful show-stopping shawl as we start knitting in October.

It’s important to have contrast amongst your colors in order to see the details and crisp lines in the fabric. Solid, semi-solid, and lightly speckled fingering weight yarns are all great options for this year’s shawl. Try to avoid using very busy variegated and highly speckled yarns for all of the colors. It’s okay to have some painterly splashes for some of your colors, but I recommend crisp clean contrast for this year’s shawl."--from the designer

The pack includes enough yarn to make one shawl.

The Shawlography MKAL is designed by Stephen West. This pack includes:

  • (5) 100g skeins of yarn, in the yarn base and color combination of your choice, please choose from drop down menu.

Colors combinations available:

  • Busy Bee Speckles + Lemon Drop Semi-solid + Brick in the Wall Semi-solid + The Sensible Ms. Dashwood Semi-solid + Holy Diver Semi-solid
  • Electric Mayhem Speckles + Backstage Pass Semi-solid + Chimney Sweep Semi-solid + Goo Lagoon Semi-solid + Glitter Cannon Semi-solid
  • Wild Child Speckles + Persist Pink Semi-solid + Suckerpunch Semi-solid + Goo Lagoon Semi-solid + Glitter Cannon Semi-solid
  • The Last Homely House Speckles + In a Pickle Semi-solid + Brick in the Wall Semi-solid + Wisconsin Desert Semi-solid + Devil's Doorway Semi-solid
  • Fishing in Quebec Speckles + Silver Lining Semi-solid + Bedrock Semi-solid + Quoth the Raven Semi-solid + Cornflower Semi-solid
  • Parfrey's Glen Semi-solid + Sage Advice Semi-solid + Tumbleweed Semi-solid + Ice Age Trail Semi-solid + Creamy Sheep Semi-solid

If you'd like to create your own custom color combination, use these links to order (5) 100g fingering weight skeins of your choice and leave a note in your order so that we know to rush your order for the beginning of the MKAL:

Check out our 100g fingering weight speckled skeins here.

Check out our 100g fingering weight semi-solid skeins here.

Greatest of Ease - fingering (80% superwash Merino/20% nylon), 400 yds/100g. This yarn base is our perennial best seller, and is truly versatile.

Trampoline - fingering (100% USA superwash Merino wool), 440 yds/100g. This yarn base is our exclusive USA-sourced and USA-spun wool.

Breathtaking BFL - fingering (100% superwash Blue-faced Leicester wool) - 410 yds/100g. This lustrous, longwool breed boasts a wooly halo and is a favorite among knitters.

Spectacular - fingering (100% superwash Merino wool) - 400 yds/100g. Single-ply, shiny, and soft. These skeins weigh approximately 120g, giving you nearly 480 yards per skein!

Click here for more information about our different yarn bases.

    This yarn pack does not include the pattern. Please find and purchase your pattern on Ravelry or Gumroad, where you can easily download the pattern to your library at the same time.

    Care for all of our yarns: Hand or machine wash cold (delicate cycle), dry flat. Our yarns are colored using professional-grade acid dyes.

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