Stella Edge Task Lamp (with free shipping)

$ 198.00

High efficiency LED task lighting for heat-free light when and where you need it.

All Stella Lighting products use LED technology, which means there are no bulbs! The lights are rated to last over 50,000 hours (2083 days, or 69 months, or 6 years). That's if you never turn it off. Because you are getting your light from the manufacturer, you can send it in for inexpensive repairs even after the 1-year warranty is over. Stella stands by their products.

The light has three modes: cool light, warm light, and pure white light. Within each of those modes, there are 5 brightness settings so that you can turn it up to thread that needle, then turn it back down to a cool night-time color to knit while you watch your favorite documentary (or Castle. Amy recommends Castle.) on the floor lamp, these adjustments are made using a wireless remote with a light touch of your finger. The remote attaches to the arm magnetically when you aren't using it, keeping it handy and safe.

The neck is made from segmented steel, which has been electroplated for durability, then covered with flexible black (or white) silicone to make it handsome. The Edge clamps securely onto desk, table, or shelf.

We have special arrangements with Stella Lighting, the manufacturer, so that when you order a light from us, it is shipped directly from them, so you'll have the full warranty, and the address for any questions, repairs, or replacements. Your light should arrive in about a week, through an insured carrier.

Click here to see a promotional video from the manufacturer.