Wingspan Shawl Yarn Pack, pattern not included, ready to ship

Wingspan Shawl Yarn Pack

This pattern has been at the top of the Ravelry Hot Right Now chart, so we had to knit one. We chose a scrumptious gradient and semi-solid jewel-toned combination to stunning effect. We knit the medium size, which takes ~800 yards of fingering weight yarn.

"Thank you for checking out the Wingspan shawl! [...] this piece stands at the intersection of knitting and nature. The shawl is as light and elegant as it is regal and powerful, drawing inspiration from the wings of a bird. This symmetrical pattern can be a bit of a tedious knit, but the rewards are absolutely worth it. Wingspan combines intermediate-level knitting techniques, such as increases, decreases, cables, and short-rows to give it the look and feel of feathers. Whether you are knitting it for yourself, a friend, or a family member, the future recipient is bound to love it!" --from the designer

This yarn is ready to ship from our studio to your favorite knitting chair.

Designer's notes about the pattern:

On paper, this pattern may look a little intimidating due to length; however, the techniques used are not that complicated. There are a few sections that will require very close concentration, particularly when transitioning from one row of feathers to the next. Stitch markers and charts have been added to help with these transition sections.

Instructions Included:
-- Standard written instructions
-- (Very) High-level schematic
-- Charted instructions (transition sections only: B, D, & F)
-- I am also experimenting with a new form of instructions that attempts to teach the reader the key construction aspects of the shawl (e.g., feathers, wing shape, etc.) so that they don’t have to look down at the page frequently. It certainly isn’t for everyone, but I hope some folks will find it useful!

Here’s a quick summary of the pattern:
-- Size A: a small neck scarf / shawlette size
-- Size B: a classic scarf / shawl size (This is the size of the Knitcircus sample)
-- Size C: a large shawl / wrap size
-- Unless otherwise noted, differences in the instructions for the various sizes have been denoted as: A (B, C).
-- Maximum wingspan: 45 (70, 90) in / 114 (178, 229) cm
-- Depth of wings: 13 (17, 18) in / 33 (43, 46) cm

The Wingspan Shawl is designed by Kyle Vey. This kit includes:

  • 150g gradient cake of yarn in colorway Dive Right In, please choose base from drop down menu
  • 50g semisolid skein of yarn in colorway Midnight Moon, please choose base from drop down menu

    The pack includes enough yarn to make one shawl. Note: The medium shawl in the photo uses the colorway Dive Right In with Midnight Moon.

    Bases Available: Trampoline, Opulence

    Is your favorite base sold out?

    • Order here for a custom-dyed kit. Dyed to order kits ship out in 6-8 weeks.

        This pack does not include the pattern. Please find and purchase your pattern on Ravelry, where you can easily download the pattern to your library at the same time.

        Care for all of our yarns: Hand or machine wash cold (delicate cycle), dry flat. Our yarns are colored using professional-grade acid dyes.

        We’ve made every effort to photograph the color accurately, but appearance may vary with your monitor settings.