Wooden Sock Blockers, Set of 2, ready to ship

$ 26.00

Wooden Sock Blockers from Burning Impressions in three sizes! You'll receive a set of 2 sock blockers in small, medium, or large- just choose from the menu.

These sturdy and well crafted blockers are adorned with our Strong Woman logo and are Instagram ready!

Foot lengths: (US sizes - approximate)
Small - 9" (Ladies 6-7)
Medium - 9.75" (Ladies 7-9, Men's 7-8)
Large - 10.5" (Ladies 9-11, Men's 8-10)

From the maker:

"Your blockers have been handcrafted with lots of care and attention. They have been treated with a minimum of 3 coats of outdoor Polyurethane, and all edges have also been treated with a finishing wax (Minwax). However, they are not indestructible.

The can be used to block your items, but I do advise the item be damp, rather than soaking wet.

It is recommended that they not be stored near heat sources, or in direct sunlight. I also recommend that they, the edges especially, be periodically treated with a finishing wax (i.e., Minwax or a similar paste finishing wax product meant for wood) to preserve and protect. With proper care, your blockers should last for many years."

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