Yarn Bowl by Prairie Bag Works, assorted sizes, ready to ship

Prairie Bag Works Yarn Bowls: handmade in Illinois

This lightweight, gorgeous yarn bowl is strong, portable and functional. 

From the Maker: "These bowls are a natural color using threads neutral in color. The bowls are exactly what you need when you want to keep your yarn contained, whether during use or storage. The 'latch' opens and closes over your yarn to guide it. It can't jump out this way! The bowls are light and somewhat squishable so you can easily travel with it - hold your yarn on the plane, in the car or at a retreat table. The idea is using a yarn bowl that is light, not breakable and won't break your bank to make your knitting even more enjoyable. It will fit in many bags - put the bowl with yarn inside the bowl, or put the bag of yarn inside the bowl for packing!"

Bowls vary in size.

Regular size: Average size 7" diameter across top, 3" tall, 4 1/2" diameter across base

Large size: Average size 8.75" diameter across top, 3" tall, 6" diameter across base