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Roy G. Biv Yarn Club - 3 packages CLOSED

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Roy G. Biv Yarn Club, 3 packages

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This idea came straight from our Instagram and Facebook followers. Over the Rainbow is our most popular color, and you said you wanted even more rainbows!  This 6-month, 3-package club offers three different sizes of yarn with three different rainbow colorways. One will be the beloved Over the Rainbow that's been wildly our best seller since its release; the others will offer brand-new takes on rainbows, going softer, brighter, more acidic.... Enjoy a 100g Lavish cake, 150g Greatest of Ease cake and a new Extreme Gradient Stripe rainbow colorway. The colors will be exclusive to the club until the following shipment goes out. 

Each package also includes a note about the color inspiration, a list of suggested patterns, and a knitting-related gift.

Knitting-related gifts in every package include collaborations with woman-owned and fair-trade businesses, from one-woman operations to nationally recognized brands. Past gift examples include handmade shawl pins, Lantern Moon yarn bowls and Frabjous Fibers felted notions bags.

NEW for THIS CLUB: After your package arrives, you will have 10 days to order more of the same yarn. Normally, the club colors aren't available for 6 months after they are announced for the club, but just in cast you want to make a bigger project, we'll let you buy additional skeins.*

Shipments: June, August, October of 2016.

*If you order additional skeins, they must be the same yarn/color as was sent in the club shipment. The dyelots will be slightly different, but we'll work with you to make sure you get what you want!