NEW Parasol Silk/Merino Blend

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New Yarn Release!


 30% Mulberry Silk. 70% US Merino. Fingering weight. Yum.

Parasol is 100% USA-sourced and USA-spun to our exact specifications.

It’s another Knitcircus exclusive.

We’re smitten. Once we cracked open the box o’ yarn from our US mill, we were hooked. On its softness. Its shine. And of course, its silkiness.

This yarn is so different for us in a few important ways:

  1. Finally, by popular demand, Parasol offers y’all a hand wash yarn. I get it; not everyone digs the superwash merino, so now you can hand wash to your heart’s delight.
  2. Drape. Serious drape. We knitted up this Haruni Plus shawl by Emily Ross, and the thing just drips softness and flows effortlessly from your shoulders. We used the colorway Crazy Little Thing Called Love in a 150g cake. It’s dreamy. We even put kits together here in our store because we got so excited.haruni2
  3. Our colorways look so different on Parasol. This silk/merino combination simply takes our dye so differently than our other bases, so I thought I’d give you a comparison that knocked our socks off. Behold, our colorway La Vie en Rose in silk/merino Parasol (left) and 100% merino Trampoline (right):



Here’s another one. Our colorway Just Beet It in silk/merino Parasol (left) and 100% merino Trampoline (right):


We knitted up another shawl out of Parasol, and this time it’s Knitcircus owner Jaala Spiro’s Juniper Lemon shawl pattern. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

colorway: Springtime in Paris

cake size: 100g/440 yards

We know you’ll love this new yarn base. We’re offering it in all of our gradient colorways as well as our kettle-dyed semisolids and handpaint speckles. Enjoy!

See you soon.


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Patricia McBride on Aug 25, '22

Good morning,
Is it possible to purchase Parasol in the color of Blue-Nique — I am interested particularly the darkest of the blue on the one I have it goes dark blue for quite a while and then a lighter medium shade of blue. If you need to do a special dye I have no big problem with the cost increase. Current item was $77.00. Making a shawl, Brought Shawl from the Shetland Wool Adventures, vol 1…
Thank you so very much,

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