Quick Knits Ideas and KAL

KnitcircusNov 17, '16

I’ve just started a Quick Knits KAL over here on Ravelry, because holy cats, how are we already at the middle of November? Holidays, people. Winter is coming. Personally, I’m panicking a tiny bit. This calls for some quick knitting!

Jaala and I both whipped up some speedy knits recently, had an impromptu show and tell in our staff break room, and realized we might not be the only knitters freaking out.

Join our KAL by casting on a project with a Knitcircus yarn, post your progress, and be eligible for amazing prizes. This KAL ends December 21, so cast on now! We’re featuring Jaala’s pattern Michigan Waves:


yarn: 100g cake of Ringmaster worsted in colorway Chance of Flurries

Here’s Jaala’s seed stitch hat that she just brought in for show and tell:


yarn: 80g cake of Lap of Luxury in colorway Spring Awakening

pattern: Toboggan Run by Jaala Spiro

And here’s my cowl:


yarn: 100g cake in Magnificent DK in the colorway Also I Can Kill You With My Brain

pattern: Codachrome by Theresa Schabes

Here are a few more small knits in Knitcircus gradients that we’ve been inspired by for our Quick Knits effort.


yarn: 75-100g cake of Ringmaster in the colorway Pigeon

pattern: Vanilla Twist by Jaala Spiro

Here’s a cowl knit up by Raveler Miazoe:


yarn: 100g cake of Ringmaster in the colorway Chance of Flurries

pattern: Starry Night by Andrea W.

 This next cowl gives you an opportunity to pick out some gorgeous buttons. Here we’ve used washable bamboo buttons from Katrinkles that have a 1 x 1 ribbing pattern laser etched on them.

yarn: 100g cake of Ringmaster in the colorway Treebeard

pattern: Ellis Cowl by Carina Spencer

And finally, a shop favorite. Over the Rainbow, one of our bestselling colorways, brings this hat pattern alive with its clever combination of garter and stockinette:


yarn: 100g cake of Ringmaster in Over the Rainbow

pattern: Barley Hat by Tincanknits

Tincanknits has generously donated a prize for one of our upcoming KAL prize drawings. Check out our KAL to learn how to be eligible for prizes (it includes casting on with a Knitcircus yarn, and posting in the thread, so it’s easy to join) – you’ll be eligible for a prize and get some holiday knitting done at the same time! Folks in our KALs are super sweet, too, so you might make a new knitting friend along the way.

Happy knitting!


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