Rattan Shawl Knitting

KnitcircusSep 7, '17


I was so excited about the new Brass & Steam Impressionist Speckled Gradient that I cast this project on right away, when the yarn wasn’t even fully finished processing (you can do that when you work in the dye studio…)

I’d knit several garter stitch and/or lace shawls lately, so was feeling the pull toward some texture. The yarn I chose was Trampoline 100% USA Merino superwash fingering, so 440 yards per 100g ball.

A pleasant search through Ravelry later, I decided on the Rattan Shawl, by Libby Jonson. No charts needed! But I’m kind of lazy, so I didn’t knit all of the stitches through the back loop as in the original pattern. My stitches are less defined, but still nicely ribbed, I think.


Here it is after knitting but before blocking.


After blocking, it looks waaay better!

If you’re wondering who the lovely model is, it’s Dyer Sarah; this woman rides her bike five miles to work, dyes up a couple of trays of yarn and manages to look fresh and calm for a photoshoot in the middle of it all. She’s amazing, and possibly part pixie or woodland elf.


We have a park nearby which is the go-to place for our pretty-much-weekly photoshoots. Elizabeth does a fantastic job of taking the high-res pictures so everything looks good! She is also a master of making our petite Sarah look impressively tall.


Here’s a fun pic that shows the shawl off perfectly, but Sarah’s shoes look maybe a little too practical for a fashion shot…

I loved knitting Rattan! It was easy to memorize the pattern and made for relaxing baseball and tv knitting.



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