Socktober at Knitcircus

KnitcircusOct 5, '16

After knitting for almost 17 years, I’ve finally fallen head over heels for socks. (And discovered the beauty of sock puns.) I’m enjoying pretty vanilla sock patterns, mostly playing with cool yarns and getting to know heel and toe structures.

I love having a sock tucked in my purse, and after a long weekend in the Great Smoky Mountains this summer, when I finished a whole pair of socks, I was hooked.

We’re celebrating Socktober at Knitcircus, and I thought I’d share some amazing finished objects from Ravelers that make such great use of our matching sock sets. If you see a set of our socks, you might not know at first glance that they’ll match to the stitch.

Salt Water Taffy Stripes in the balls and in the sock! Voila!

After having had many arguments with commercially-dyed skeins of 100g of striping yarn, struggling to find the correct starting place for my first and second sock to make them match, it’s hard for me to go back.

Our sock sets come in Small, Medium and Large sizes, by the way, so that you can use up every inch of the set’s striping or gradient goodness. Take advantage of every color!


pattern: Paragon Socks by verybusymonkey

yarn colorway: large matching sock set in colorway I am a Princess and this is my Tiara

knitted by: lilybelle7



pattern: How I Make My Socks by Susan B. Anderson

yarn: large matching sock set of Greatest of Ease in discontinued colorway Eat Pray Knit

knitted by: daisysdragonfly


pattern: Jaywalker by Grumperina

yarn: large sock set in Greatest of Ease in colorway Race to the Cookie Jar Stripes

knitted by: Knitterlymind


pattern: Rose City Rollers by Mara Catherine Bryner

yarn: small matching sock set in Greatest of Ease in colorway Electric Mayhem Stripes

knitted by: Taine


pattern: Simple Skyp Socks by Adrienne Ku

yarn: large matching sock set in Greatest of Ease in colorway Spring Fling

knitted by: MarlysHF


pattern: her own toe-up sock pattern

yarn: large sock set in Greatest of Ease in colorway The Can Can Can

knitted by: monica


pattern: Pagoda Lace Socks by Wendy D. Johnson

yarn: medium matching sock set in Greatest of Ease in colorway Drink Me

knitted by: Jayannell

Enjoy your sock knitting this month! And if you need a sock skills enrichment class and you live close to Madison, WI, take a class with our own Amy Detjen on December 3 from 2:00-4:00 pm here at our studio. Her class will cover Sock Cast Ons and Bind Offs. Sign up here.


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