Speckles and Summer Camp

KnitcircusJul 29, '16

Gradients + speckles. We’re smitten.

We took three of our most popular colorways, Over the Rainbow, Watermelon, and Big Top Birthday, and turned them into the latest knitting and dyeing trend – speckles!!


 above: Over the Rainbow Speckled Handpaint

above: Watermelon Speckled Handpaint


above: Big Top Birthday Speckled Handpaint

Things got a little more exciting with this lavender beauty, which we’re calling Purple Haze:


If you know Knitcircus, you know we couldn’t stop there. We were dreaming about the perfect combination of Speckles and Gradients in a project. How could we take our gradient dyed yarns we’re so well known for and stripe them with speckled yarns?

Ah, serendipity. In the throes of our Gradients + Speckles mania, we discovered this shawl:

Summer Camp by Laura Aylor:

Summer Camp Laura Aylor

photos: Laura Aylor

Laura Aylor took thick garter stripes and added a gentle scallop to the edge. I find this wavy edge lends fluidity to her garter triangle in a world of sharp-edged shawl cousins.

We immediately had one knitted up in Big Top Birthday:



This project combines the rich sophisticated tones of Big Top Birthday Gradient with its playful, speckled counterpart. It’s a perfect combination, without seeming “matchy-matchy”.

Order a kit in one of three colorways, and head with us to Summer Camp! Meet us by the campfire. I’ll bring the marshmallows.


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