You Shawl Not Pass Yarn Pack, pattern not included, dyed to order

You Shawl Not Pass Yarn Pack

 It's no secret that we love Lord of the Rings here. When we were approached about this pattern it made our nerdy little hearts so happy. 

"Exiled deep underground in the Mines of Moria, a Balrog (“demon of night”) was awakened by the Dwarves many years ago. At a turning point in The Fellowship of the Ring where it is believed that the first member of the Fellowship falls, the group flees from a winged Balrog named Durin’s Bane over the bridge of Khazad-dûm. Made of fire and shadow with blazing wings, it has a large human shape with a ram’s head and horns and carries a sword and whip made of flame. It is here where Gandalf bellows the iconic line, “You shall not pass!”

"Fly you fools!" This multicolored shawl is inspired by Balrog's fiery wings and the Fellowship's encounter with it. Begun by casting on for the long straight edge along the top the shawl is created by joining two semicircles of expanding chevrons with a wedge of garter in the center. Formed by rapid increases in each end section, paired with slower decreases leaning toward the center, the body tapers to a point while the lacy wings unfurl in their full, flame-tipped glory. The pointed edges are pulled out while blocking, pointy and sinister like the wings of a Balrog." -from the designer

Please note: All dyed-to-order yarns take 6-8 weeks to deliver.

You Shawl Not Pass is designed by Carissa Browning. This yarn pack includes:

  • (2) 100g semi-solid skeins of Quoth the Raven AND
  • (1) gradient cake  (choose your combination from the dropdown menu) 

 Available Colors:

  • Leaf Pile Leap Panoramic Gradient/Quoth the Raven Semi-solid
  • Mount Doom Panoramic Gradient/Quoth the Raven Semi-solid
  • The Knit Sky Panoramic Gradient/Quoth the Raven Semi-solid
  • Vampire Boyfriend Chromatic Gradient/Quoth the Raven Semi-solid
  • Stargazing Panoramic Gradient/Quoth the Raven Semi-solid
  • Shades of Gray Chromatic Gradient/Quoth the Raven Semi-solid

Available Base:

Breathtaking BFL - fingering (100% superwash Blue-faced Leicester wool) - 410 yds/100g. This lustrous, longwool breed boasts a wooly halo and is a favorite among knitters.

The yarn pack includes enough yarn to make one shawl. Sample shown is made with Leaf Pile Leap and Quoth the Raven.

This yarn pack requires you to purchase The Fellowship of the Knits from your local bookseller. Learn more about it on Ravelry.

    Care for all of our yarns: Hand or machine wash cold (delicate cycle), dry flat. Our yarns are colored using professional-grade acid dyes.

    We’ve made every effort to photograph the color accurately, but appearance may vary with your monitor settings.