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KnitcircusDec 18, '15

We double checked, and you’ve definitely been nice, so it’s time to get a little something for yourself, or some last-minute presents for your knitting friends. For this fun, gifty time of the year, we’ve put together a list of our favorite knitting stocking stuffers.

  1. Ann Budd Knits Stitch Gauge Ruler 20151215_100015Developed by designer, teacher and knitting-world phenom Ann Budd, this new gadget is genius. The photo doesn’t really do it justice, but here’s how it works: you position the little ‘v’s over your knitting and when they align perfectly, you know your gauge!! So very clever. Plus, it takes up pretty much zero space in your knitting bag. These are a great gift for your knitting group!IMG_20150924_124353
  2. Needle gauge:  (ours is nice: above). I keep one in my knitting bag and one in my desk drawer to have a needle checker available at all times. There are so many fun ones: our faves are rabbits and other cute animals from Leaf Pdx and recycled plastic nesting dolls from Succaplokki.il_570xN.557441283_hi7i

Amy’s favorite scissors
Amy here: Face it – very few of us actually need more pairs of scissors; we just need to locate the ones we have in abundance. However, these little guys made me change my mind. They have only a 1-inch blade, and they come with their own protective sheath.7250D

They are airplane safe! They won’t poke holes in your leg if you carry them in your pocket! These are fabulous little scissors.

  1. Knitters Against Swatches cards; these are hilarious for any mischievous knitters on your list. If you enjoy the game Cards Against Humanity, these will be a welcome knitterly addition. Options like “my stash” and “a drunken night of knitting” show knitting’s party side.
  2. Mason-Dixon knitting coloring bookcoloring-book-print-edTwo of everyone’s favorite knitbloggers have come up with their own coloring book. How could we not love this? Everyone at Knitcircus has decided to buy one and then give it to another person here as a gift.
  3. Knit Kit This is a classic knitter’s toolkit, with all kinds of useful tools inside. Small enough to hold in your hand, yet stocked with pretty much every gadget you need.It’s the standard for a reason!
  4. Knittrick App I can’t believe we just found this app! It’s exactly what every knitter needs. You put in the gauge you’re getting and it will re-calculate the pattern for you with new stitch numbers. If you want to make something bigger or smaller by using different sized needles/yarn or want to make sure your gauge will actually produce the size sweater you want, you’re golden with this app! You can’t actually put this in a stocking, but you should just get it for yourself because it’ll save you so much heartache.
  5. Pottery buttons; local talented potter Jenny Blasen makes buttons and sheep mugs for the discerning knitter (below). il_570xN.425051771_qbux
  6. Finishing Needles; everyone always needs more of these.The Chibi needles come in a delightful case and are the classic of the genre.div-001521
  7. Any knitting emergency can be faced when properly fortified. Fair trade chocolate is the perfect snack to prepare for steeking, make frogging less painful or simply gather energy for the next row. Above: Jaala’s favorite Divine chocolate in a special holiday flavor. Other delightful options include Equal Exchange, Shaman Chocolates, Rescue Chocolate (supporting animal shelters) or your local shop! Madison peeps know that Gail Ambrosius makes some of the best dark chocolate anywhere.

As the holiday season gets into full swing, we wish you all the best; don’t forget to do something nice for yourself here and there in the midst of all the preparations.

Happy knitting,

Jaala, Amy and the Knitcircus Crew






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