Free! Extravagant Scarf Pattern

KnitcircusDec 2, '15

When we have a little free time, my mom and I love to browse the Anthropologie Store for inspiration. I love their urban nomadic style, the juxtaposition of fabrics their designers use, the scented candles…Looking at the knit accessories (very big this year apparently), we came upon a chunky red garter-stitch scarf we both loved. Looking at the tag, we saw that it was 100% acrylic, made in China…and $68. My knitter’s soul was scandalized.

Of course, as knitters, we always think, “Hey, I could make that.” When it’s a complicated lace sweater, maybe. But this scarf was a slam dunk! I was sure I could make myself a luxurious Merino wool scarf hand-dyed in the USA in a weekend. And I did!


And now you can, too, because I’ve written up this super-simple pattern.


The original was just plain red, but I couldn’t resist dressing this one up with a skein of a different color and some chunky pom-poms!



I used 3 skeins of Knitcircus Gigantic (90 yards each/150g), two Ruby Slippers (red) and one Teddy Bear (brown), but you could use any super-chunky yarn you like.


Needles:US Size 15 straight or circular needles.

Size: Adult one size: scarf shown measures approx. 8 inches wide and 90 inches long not including pom-poms.

Pom-Poms: if you want to make pom-poms, make 2 out of each ball of the Ruby Slippers yarn before starting the scarf.

These are the easiest poms I’ve ever made; I literally wound the yarn around three of my fingers approximately 20 times, then cut the yarn, carefully removed it from my fingers, cut an approximately 8 inch long piece of yarn, tied it firmly around the  middle of the yarn loops, cut through each side of the loops with a scissors and trimmed it roughly into a globe shape. Leave the 2 ends of the yarn you tied around the middle for securing it to the scarf later.


CO 16 sts with Ruby Slippers.

Every row: Knit all sts to end of row.

At the end of a row when you are nearly (but not totally) out of yarn, change to Teddy Bear. Repeat when you change to the last skein of Ruby Slippers.

Finishing: Weave in all ends.

Attach Pom-Poms: in last stitch on either side of end, bring yarn through and tie securely in a square knot. Trim to match rest of pom. Repeat with other three poms.


Thanks so much to our Assistant Dyer Emily for modeling.

Have a great week!


PS If you wanted to make a slightly less humongous scarf, you could use 2 skeins of yarn and cast on 12 stitches. That would be about right.




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