Mischief Managed: First of the Fall Literature Collection

KnitcircusSep 2, '16


Mischief Managed! The first color in the new Fall Literature series blends Weasley-hair tones and Gryffindor yellow with deep blues of a night sky. The photo below provided the inspiration.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part I
JK Rowling created so many lovable characters in the the Harry Potter series; all of the Trio are dear to my heart, but I always loved funny, anxious, loyal, courageous Ron best. Whether flying a car, facing down tap-dancing spiders, dealing with humiliating prom wardrobe, or coming to save his friends after a bitter fight, this young Weasley had his own struggles and victories which made him a captivating character in hiw own right.


Of course, who could not love the Weasley twins? Ron had a much bigger part, but honestly, Fred and George are my favorite characters possibly of the whole Harry Potter universe. What she did to the twins in Book Seven is the major reason JK Rowling and I are not on speaking terms.(She doesn’t know, it, but still…) Freg and Geroge will live in my mind as permanently and triumphantly opening the doors of Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes.


How I envy Molly Weasley her magic location clock and self-knitting needles! But like all moms, she’s fiercely protective; cross her at your peril!



The Burrow always represented what Harry wanted most; a place filled with loving family. As Ron says, “It’s not much, but it’s home.”


The Weasleys are always good for some fun…..


..But can be pretty impressive when their powers are arrayed against you.

And while all the Weasleys earned their place in Gryffindor with the courage to stand up to dark wizards, Fred and George were always ready with a joke. They certainly wouldn’t use their powers for evil, but would definitely use them for a little mischief. So the color was named with this specific moment in mind; my favorite Weasley Twins encounter. They present the Marauder’s Map to Harry in The Chamber of Secrets as a gift of true friendship in a time of need.



Mischief Managed! This ball of yarn may or may not be magic, but it does have the power to transform into a shawl, or a scarf, or a cowl….or socks. Dumbledore does love a good pair of knitted socks….

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