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KnitcircusSep 25, '15

We’re very happy to announce the return of Ready-To-Ship yarns in the web store! Holiday knitting is here, so we want you to be able to just click and go, and we’ll have the yarn in the mail for you lickety-split.

Over the Rainbow Gradient Socks
Over the Rainbow Gradient Socks

Some of our most popular things are ready to go, like the Over the Rainbow Socks Sets!

This weekend a waterpark is in the works, so I need Dells Knitting! I’m torn between starting a hat for Buddy D out of the Totally Tubular I made just for him, or knitting something fun out of one of the Impressionist yarns. I’m such a sucker for those! I just love watching the colors change…

Gauguin, Renoir!
Gauguin, Renoir!

Speaking of which, here’s the finished scarf I started over the long weekend a couple of weeks ago. It’s worked in the Gauguin colorway in the Magnificent DK yarn (just to be confusing, it’s the Renoir pattern worked in the Gauguin colorway).


My newest project is one of Belle’s WIP’s; she started this earlier in the summer, and we tag teamed so I could get it across the finish line. She’s starting to look so grown up!

Oh, and the Fall Pattern Collection is now available as an e-book!

KnitCircus_July2015_ConnieWardPhotography-75 (1)

So you can have all 7 patterns together in one place (and at a significant savings, too!).


Have a great weekend!


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