KnitcircusJul 15, '16

It seems like the knitting world is going crazy for speckles, and we are, too. We first introduced our Speckled Handpaint and Speckled Gradient yarns last summer and have been crushing on them ever since.

Watermelon has been our most popular color this summer, so we’ve introduced a lovely handpaint with pops of juicy fresh color. IMG_7581

It’s also available in a Watermelon Speckle Gradient! What’s the difference between a Gradient and Handpaint, you ask? Well, a Gradient (shown below) moves from one color of speckle to the other, so you’ll have an area mostly red, with a few black “seeds”, then mostly pink speckles, then pale green to deep green. The Handpaint offers you little splashes of color evenly spread through the skein, as in the coiled scarf sample above.


Big Top Birthday has been a wonderful way for us to celebrate one year in our Studio and Store, and we love the Big Top Birthday colorway you guys chose! We’ve created a brand-new speckle handpaint for the occasion.



The Big Top Birthday Impressionist Gradient uses a new Graffiti painting technique I’ve been playing around with. I really like the amount of color on this! It’s kind of a combination of the dyeing techniques we use for a speckle and an Impressionist.


Here, I’m trying out the Birthday Speckle on a gray background. What do you think?13

The new Purple Haze Speckle uses a lavender background to give the pops of color a fun canvas. OTR_speckle_2

And, of course, we have to make Over the Rainbow everything because we just love it so much.

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